Fiscal Accounting

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Starts Apr iii, 2024

Ends Jun 24, 2024

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StartsApr iii, 2024

Ends Jun 24, 2024

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Financial Accounting

Accounting is the linguistic communication of business concern. It is difficult to understand concern without knowing some accounting. Knowing accounting volition assist learners better empathize as well as contribute to their own companiesand ameliorate empathize business organisation around them. This course also helps students utilisation the fiscal statements to assemble inputs to valuation models and for corporate finance decisions.

Financial Accounting is office of the MicroMasters® Program inwards Finance. It provides a rigorous introduction to the principles of fiscal accounting. We focus on the grooming and analysis of fiscal statements, too on why fiscal statements take the cast they do. We cover the basic structure of financialreports too the process of recording transactions. We will also larn how investors, creditors, together with other users analyze financial statements to assess corporate performance. The course of instruction focuses on using the financial statements to gather inputs to valuation models too for corporate finance decisions.

This course offers general managers, financial analysts, financial advisors, quantitative researchers, property managers, chance managers, quantitative developers working inward financial services,professionals servicing the financial industry the tools to succeed. Undergraduate together with graduate students looking to enter business organization inwards full general or finance in particular would also do good greatly from this valuable course of instruction.

At a glance

  • Institution: MITx
  • Subject: Economics & Finance
  • Level: Advanced
  • Prerequisites:
    • Probability together with Statistics (undergraduate)
    • Calculus (undergraduate)
    • Linear algebra (undergraduate)
  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English language
  • Associated programs:
    • MicroMasters® Program inwards Finance
  • Understand accounting price
  • Understand how financial statements are constructed
  • Ability to read fiscal statements
  • Gather inputs to valuation models and for corporate finance decisions

The course of instruction is organized every bit 4 parts:

A. Introduction; Assets

Week 1: Accrual Accounting,

Week 2: Revenue Recognition; Receivables

Week 3: Inventory; Property, Plant, in addition to Equipment

Week 4:Intangible Assets; Income vs. Cash Flows

Module 5: Acquisitions; Finance Investments

B. Financial Statement Analysis (FSA)

Week half-dozen.1: Introductory FSA

C. Liabilities as well as Stockholders’ Equity

Week vi.2: Income Taxes

Week 7: Long-Term Debt; Leases

Week 8: Stockholders’ Equity as well as Earnings per Share

Week ix: Accounting for Banks

due east. Review; Accounting for Valuation

Week 10: Tesla instance

We base this courseon many years of courses nosotros too our MIT colleagues have taught in previous years to MIT graduate students.

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