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An introduction to the part of the Financial Ombudsman Service, the complaints nosotros tin help amongst and how to make a complaint.

We’re a gratis service set past Parliament to resolve complaints well-nigh financial businesses, for case banks or insurance companies. If we determine you lot’ve been treated unfairly, nosotros hold the power to put things correct.

To acquire an idea of whether your complaint is something we can assistance withbefore you mail it to us, nosotros’ll enquire y’all some questions virtually some of the things we demand to know upfront before y’all mail us a complaint. You tin can exercise this online, using our complaint checker. If your complaint sounds like something we tin assistance amongst, it volition tell yous how to brand a novel complaint using our online form. Or read through the data on this page starting time, to find out more than most us together with our role.

Make a complaint

  • Complaints wecan’t assistance alongside

    There may be some occasions where nosotros tin can’t assist amongst a complaint.

    Sometimes we can’t assistance because your complaint should be dealt alongside past a unlike organization. Or sure fourth dimension limits mightiness touch whether nosotros tin can or tin can’t aid. There may live other reasons – for instance, nosotros won’t normally facial expression into a job that’s been decided past a courtroom, or one that we’ve looked at already.

    Read more than about complaints nosotros tin’t assist alongside

  • Who tin can complain?

    We tin can assistance a reach of people with a complaint, about fiscal products or services. Broadly we can look at complaints from private customers, micro-enterprises and small businesses, as well as some charities too trusts.

    Generally, we tin can helpwith complaints almost businesses that render retail financial products together with services in or from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It doesn’t matter what your nationality is or where you lot live.

    Our service is complimentary in addition to easy-to-exercise. You don’t demand to pay anyone to represent you lot, for instance a lawyer or claims direction company (CMC). But if y’all want to, you tin ask a member of your family, a friend or someone else to assist y’all amongst your complaint.

    Read more virtually who we tin aid

  • Time limits

    Time limits apply when making a complaint. So it’s best to accept activeness every bit shortly every bit y’all realise at that place’s a problem.

    We might not be able to aid if:

    • what y’all’re complaining nearly happened more than vi years ago, in addition to
    • you lot complain more than iii years from when you lot became aware (or should have go aware) that you had a argue to complain.
    • in addition to y’all’ll need to contact us inside 6months of the concern’s terminal response.

    Read more virtually time limits that apply

  • How exercise I make a complaint?

    You need to contact the fiscal business you lot want to complain most start, too give them a gamble to resolve things, earlier submitting your complaint to us. You demand to say them what’s happened and how you desire the problem putright. If y’all haven’t done that withal, read our pace past pace guide to complaining.

    The financial business concern has to give their last response to your complaint inside 8 weeks at the most, depending on what yous’re complaining near.

    If yous’re non happy alongside their response, orthe concern doesn’t respond inward time, yous can convey your complaint to us. We’ll cheque it’s something nosotros tin bargain amongst by request a few questions nigh what happened, and if nosotros intend we tin can help we’ll inquire you lot to post us the details as well as we’ll investigate.

    Read more almost how to complain
    Or brand a newcomplaint online

Find out more than

Financial Ombudsman Service for small businesses

Are yous a modest business?

If yous’re a smallbusiness (SME) and desire to make a complaint to us, kick the bucket to our dedicated minor business concern website for more data about how nosotros tin can assistance.

Claims Management Ombudsman - a Financial Ombudsman Service

Need assist alongside a claims management dispute?

We tin also helpwith complaints well-nigh claims direction companies (CMCs). If y’all hold a complaint, or you’re a CMC dealing with a complaint, die to the Claims Management Ombudsman website for more than information.