Complaints Almost Banks Together With Building Societies

Things don’t e’er get right as well as equally amongst whatsoever other service, yous may demand to brand a complaint most your banking concern or edifice society.

On this page we give y’all data virtually what you lot tin do if things get wrong, how to make a complaint to your depository financial institution or building social club too what you lot tin can do if you lot are non satisfied amongst their respond.

On this page yous tin observe information well-nigh:

For more than information almost Banking together with making acomplaint run into Further help in addition to data.

How the depository financial institution or building social club should care for you lot

As good equally the terms in addition to weather condition of yourcontract alongside a depository financial institution or edifice club, in that location are certain things the police force says your depository financial institution or building gild must do. A bank or building social club must supply its services:

  • with reasonable attention and skill. This agency, for example, that they must act responsibly together with go along accurate records of your finances
  • when it says it volition. If they don’t give you lot a specific fourth dimension, they must conduct out the service in a reasonable time. What is reasonable depends on the servicethe depository financial institution is carrying out. For instance, it should give a determination well-nigh your loan application inside a brace of days
  • at the toll agreed. If a definite cost has non been agreed, the toll must live a reasonable ane.

If they don’t do these things, you lot may be able to complain to theFinancial Ombudsman Service.


It’sec against the police for a banking company or edifice order to discriminate against you, for illustration, because of your race, sex, disability, organized religion or sexuality.

If youare discriminated against for i of these reasons, you may be able to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You may also be able to become to courtroom but you lot’d need legal advice to do this.

However, at that place are some circumstances when a bank or building social club can discriminate against you, forexample, they may not permit yous open up some types of account unless y’all autumn into a certain historic period-grouping.

For more data nigh discrimination, run into our discrimination pages.

For more than information most getting legal advice inwards England, Wales too Northern Republic of Ireland, encounterUsing a solicitor.

In Scotland, see Using a solicitor.

What to do if things get wrong

Beforeyou brand a complaint check that the problem has actually been caused by the depository financial institution or edifice social club.  For representative, the bank or edifice order is not responsible if you give someone else your bank card too PIN issue too they role these to withdraw coin without your consent.

Many problems tin can live sorted out quite speedily thence give the fellowship the gamble to pose things correct. If the problem tin can’t be sorted out or yous’re unhappy amongst the service you get from the banking company or building club youcan brand a formal complaint through the fellowship’second complaints process.

The complaints process

Banks as well as edifice societies are required by law to hold a written complaints process which tells customers how to make a complaint. You should be able to detect details in banks in addition to building social club branches or on their website. If yous tin can’t discover data nearly thecompany’s complaints physical process, inquire them to ship it to y’all.

Follow each stage of the complaints physical process. The bank or edifice guild must investigate your complaint too give you lot a clear answer within 8 weeks. They may ship y’all:

  • an initial response. This gives yous the chance to become dorsum to the company if you are not satisfied alongside their respond
  • the concluding response. This is the company’s last reply or
  • a response telling you that the eight weeks has passed as well as younow have the right to go to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). This mightiness come about where the fellowship is nonetheless investigating your complaint in addition to isn’t able to give you lot a response yet. It’sec so upwards to y’all whether you lot desire to give the fellowship more than fourth dimension or take the complaint to FOS.

If the society doesn’t ship yous a response inside eight weeks or you lot are nevertheless unhappy, yous may live able toComplain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You tin make a complaint inward somebody, on the telephone or inward writing past letter of the alphabet or electronic mail, depending on how you lot banking company. Here’sec some tips for you to follow:

  • contact the depository financial institution or building lodge equally before long every bit possible to give them a hazard to put thingsright
  • go on a record of the appointment when yous contact them. It may be of import if you lot want to take the complaint farther afterward on
  • collect together all the information well-nigh the job, for example, banking concern statements, cheque stubs too correspondence amongst the companionship
  • if yous brand your complaint inwards person at the depository financial institution, accept a copy of whatever documents as well as inquire to talk to the soul responsible for dealing amongst your account or the branch managing director. Keep a bank bill of who y’all spoke to as well as whatwas said. Try to follow it upwardly inwards writing if y’all can, therefore that at that place’s a proper record
  • if you lot brand a written complaint, write the discussion ‘complaint’ at the top of your letter. This should brand certainly it goes to the correct individual. Send copies (non originals) of whatever documents with the letter
  • explicate your job calmly but firmly. Put downward all the facts including important dates and the names of anyone y’all spoke to inwards the society. This volition assist the company to empathize what the problemis too to investigate it fully
  • tell the companionship what y’all desire them to do to place things right,  including any compensation that yous would like them to pay you lot
  • ever continue a copy of your letters in instance yous demand them later on. You may want to transport letters past recorded delivery so that in that location’second a tape they were received.

Taking your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

If y’all complain to a depository financial institution or building club too they don’t bargain alongside your complaint or you are unhappy amongst their reply, yous can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to deal with the dispute.

There are some basic rules for you to recollect before going to FOS:

  • yous can alone get to FOS after y’all have got made a complaint to the banking concern orbuilding club itself
  • the banking concern or edifice order has upwardly to eight weeks to deal with your complaint
  • you must complain to FOS inside half dozen months of getting your depository financial institution or edifice society’sec final response to your complaint or from the terminate of the viii calendar week catamenia if they haven’t responded.

For more than information nearly FOS come across Further aid too information.

Using a claims direction fellowship

Claims management companies, too known every bit claims assessors, arefirms that charge you a fee to aid you lot accept your complaint to the Ombudsman.

You don’t demand to pay someone to aid you brand a complaint.  You can telephone call the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) helpline  if you lot desire to check whether your complaint is  something they tin can assist amongst. They tin can besides help you fill inward any forms.

If you do determine to function a claims managementcompany, check that y’all understand all the terms as well as weather of the understanding together with how much the service is going to cost yous earlier you sign anything. If yous’re not surely well-nigh anything, accept the agreement away to read in addition to acquire advice before you lot sign it.

In England together with Wales, claims management companies have got to be authorised past the Financial Conduct Authority. You can check whether a claims direction companionship isauthorised on the Financial Conduct Authority website.

If you lot’re unhappy near the service y’all get from the claims direction fellowship, you can complain to the Claims Management Ombudsman.

The Claims Management Ombudsman is independent too gratis to role, in addition to it tin assist y’all resolve disputes with claims direction companies.

Going to courtroom

If the Ombudsman can’t classify out your complaint, your alone other selection is to consider going to court. However, going to courtroom should be your lastly resort.

Before yous go to courtroom, you lot need to think nigh whether y’all have got plenty show. You will likewise demand to observe out whether your banking company or building guild has any coin. It’second not worth taking a fellowship to court that has nomoney.

It is extremely rare for anyone to take a banking company or building social club to courtroom. If you lot’re thinking about doing this, you should acquire skilful legal advice.

If y’all determine to have the affair to court before complaining to the Ombudsman, yous won’t be able to complain to the Ombudsman at a later on appointment.

For more data almost going to court, seeSmall claims.

Changing depository financial institution or building club

If y’all are unhappy alongside the service offered by your depository financial institution or building society, equally good every bit making a complaint you could likewise think nigh switching to anothercompany. It’s a goodness thought to cheque out the services in addition to facilities offered by other banks as well as edifice societies to brand sure enough they can give y’all what you need, earlier switching.

For more information virtually moving to another bank or building club, run into Getting a bank business relationship.

Further help in addition to data

The Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service website has lots of useful information virtually banking concern accounts in addition to other financial products.

The Financial Ombudsman Service(FOS)

If y’all’ve gone through your banking company or edifice society’sec complaints process in addition to they haven’t been able to aid you lot, y’all can brand a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You can likewise contact the Financial Ombudsman Service’sec consumer helpline on 0800 023 four 567 or 0300 123 ix 123.